So you call my shop a “sex shop”

If there is one thing I feel very strong about, it is that my shops are not “sex shops”.


A grocery store sells groceries, a liquor store sells liquor, a “sex shop” sells sex, I do not sell sex in my stores. I sell you the little things you need to keep the intimacy in your relationship alive.

Yes, there is a difference. I opened my stores, because I want to help people to have healthy, balanced and lasting relationships. I work closely with therapists and churches, I do not want you to come to my stores to buy things to just have sex. I want you to buy things to help you make love and strengthen the bond between you and your partner. I do not sell sex toys, I sell toys to play with while making love.

My stores are classy and let you feel safe, while we educate you about our products and you can explore them as we opened some of them so you can experience them, before making an informed decision on which one to buy.

Do you know how rewarding it is to get people in store that tell you that the simple bottle of message oil they bought helped them to get their partner to touch them again after months of not even touching each other. Or the game they got helped them to laugh and start talking to each other again. Yes, I even had a lady thanking us for selling her a toy that helped her relax and stop stressing about getting pregnant, while lovingly holding her pregnant tummy.

So no, I do not have sex shops, I have intimate boutiques!

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